Blue Catfish

North Texas Catfish Guide Service provides guided catfishing trips for blue catfish on several North Texas area lakes in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

The blue catfish is a very misunderstood fish compared to other catfish by most anglers and most do not understand the differences or feeding habits of these catfish.

North Texas Catfish Guide Service has spent countless hours on the water learning the patterns of the blue catfish and how to catch them and we have a tremendous success record in finding and catching blue catfish of all sizes during different times of the year.

Many people ask about why our preference is to fish for blue catfish, and there are several reasons behind this. First and foremost in Texas they are definitely the biggest of the catfish species with the most abundant numbers of catchable fish.

While most lakes in Texas have large populations of channel catfish, the average size of these fish overall is very small, and they simply do not grow to larger sizes in Texas like they do in some other areas like the Red River of the North.

It’s not uncommon when fishing for blue catfish to catch fish that average 4-6 lbs in size with numerous larger fish mixed in, while this typically cannot be said of the channel cats in Texas.

North Texas is fortunate to have a number of different lakes that have excellent populations of blue catfish of all sizes.

The blue cat is an “opportunistic predator” fish  whose primary forage is threadfin and gizzard shad and.  They spend their lives actively chasing and feeding on schools of bait fish, or dead bait fish that they are able to pick up.

Because of this we are able to use fresh caught shad for catfish bait on our guided catfish fishing trips and these fish become very predictable, as they are always going to be at or near their primary food source, the schools of threadfin shad and gizzard shad.

This is not your granddaddy’s catfishing!

Most people have an image of catfishing with cane poles fishing under the dark of night with lanterns and leisurely waiting for the catfish to come along and bite. The methods that we use for finding and catching blue cats on our catfish guide trips could not be further from this image.

We use high powered sonar electronics (sonar, down imaging and side imaging) and find schools of bait fish based on their seasonal pattern and then employ a number of different techniques to find and catch the feeding blue catfish using the most advanced fishing tackle, rod and reels available today.

While our preference is to locate the fish on our sonar and anchor up on the blue catfish, we will on occasion use a number of other techniques like drift fishing (drifting), doodlesocking, cormorant catfishing (water turkey fishing or splat fishing) and more.

Trophy Blue Catfish Fishing Trips with North Texas Catfish Guide Service are available on most of the lakes we fish. Just give is a call and we can discuss booking your blue catfish trip today! Our preferred lakes for catching blue catfish are Lake Lewisville, Eagle Mountain Lake and Lake Worth all located within a short drive from anywhere in North Texas.


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