What We Fish For

Whether you want to catch a nice mess of “keeper” sized catfish or the trophy class catfish of a lifetime, North Texas Catfish Guide Service has a trip for you!

North Texas Catfish Guide Service offers guided fishing trips on a number of lakes in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. Obviously with a name like North Texas Catfish Guide Service, our primary focus is on fishing for catfish but we also offer seasonal fishing for a variety of other species in addition to catfish.

Below is some brief information on what we fish for on our guided fishing trips. You can visit the individual links below for more information on each different species of fish and get more detailed information, also make sure to check out our catfishing by season information.

blue catfish

Blue Catfish – Fishing for blue catfish is one of our favorites and what drives much of our passion for catfishing. Blue catfish are eating, feeding machines and they strike like an underwater freight train. We use a variety of techniques for fishing for blue catfish, many of which you might be very surprised with. These fish are available in huge numbers and are excellent table fare. We can target smaller “keeper” blue catfish from one to ten pounds, trophy class blue catfish or both.

trophy blue catfish

Trophy Blue Catfish – Trophy blue catfish are the biggest freshwater bruisers available in North Texas waters and we know big blue catfish. If your goal is to catch a trophy class catfish on rod and reel you are in the right place. We often catch trophy class catfish when fishing for the smaller “box” fish but also offer trips where we target these trophy class catfish exclusively on rod and reel. Blue catfish from 25 to 50 pounds are very common and blue catfish bigger than 50 lbs are caught throughout the most productive months of the year on a pretty consistent basis. All catfish over 10 lbs are released.

channel catfish

Channel Catfish – If numbers if fish is your gain then channel catfishing in North Texas may be a good fit for you. Channnel catfishing usually nets big numbers of channel catfish fishing with prepared catfish baits like catfish punch baits and using the North Texas Catfish Guide Service “Secret Channel Catfish Rig“. Channel catfish generally range from one to five pounds with occassional fish between five and eight pounds caught.

flathead catfish

Flathead Catfish – Flathead catfishing with North Texas Catfish Guide Service focuses on catching trophy class fish. When targeting flathead catfish it is never a numbers game but the fish that are caught are some string stretchers. If your after a trophy class catfish on rod and reel then flathead catfishing is a good option.

White Bass and Hybrid Striped Bass – Texas is home to huge numbers of white bass and hybrid striped bass. These fish are fun to catch and provide a great experience especially in the Summer months. These are a great option for family fishing trips, corporate fishing trips or those that want to do something other than fishing for catfish.

Longnose Gar and Alligator Gar – Gar are often viewed as “trash fish” in many circles but longnose gar and alligator gar are an amazing fish. These fish date back thousands of years and are available in very few states, and Texas just happens to be home to the biggest population in the United States. Rod and reel fishing for gar is a blast for those that enjoy the thrill of the catch. Alligator gar put up an impressive fight and longnose gar are what I refer to as “freshwater tarpon”. Gar fishing trips are available in the summer months only.

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