Catfishing By Season In Texas

This is a brief summary and breakdown of what we fish for and some highlights of what the fishing action is like at different times of the year.

To make a long story short, catfishing is generally good all year long!

Feel free to give us a call at anytime so we can discuss what fishing is like during each season and what to expect on your catfish guide trip.

Fall Catfishing In TexasFall Catfish

Fall is an amazing time of the year for fishing. As the seasons begin to change and the weather gets into a steady pattern and the fishing begins to get exciting.

Fall catfish guide trips are all done during the day.

Fall Blue Catfish

Blue catfish are generally caught in excellent numbers during the Fall on our catfish guide trips using a variety of techniques, plus there is very little boat traffic on the lakes by now which makes things much more enjoyable.

In addition to fall being a great time for catching numbers of blue catfish this is the time that trophy blue catfish fishing begins to really pick up on North Texas. We catch big blue catfish all year long but Fall and Winter are without a doubt the best times of the year for hooking up with a monster blue catfish on rod and reel.

Fall Channel Catfish

Channel catfish action is generally good all year long and Fall is no exception. If numbers of channel catfish are your preference then September, October and November are a great time for catching big numbers of channel catfish on rod and reel.

Fall Flathead Catfish

As the seasons begin to change flathead catfish will begin to put their “feed bag” on and they will feed heavily getting ready for the cold water period that is coming where they are much less active. This can be a great time for targeting flathead catfish.

Winter Catfishing In TexasNorth Texas Catfish Guide Service

Winter is one of my favorite times for catfishing in North Texas. While many are focused on deer hunting I turn my attention to catching trophy class catfish on rod and reel in North Texas on Lake Lewisville, Eagle Mountain Lake and Lake Worth. This is hands down the best catfishing action of the year for trophy class catfish.

Winter catfish guide trips are all done during the day.

Winter Blue Catfish

Blue catfish can be caught in excellent numbers on rod and reel and the fishing is amazing. The weather is cool but the fishing generally will keep you red hot on our guided catfishing trips this time of year. We use a variety of techniques for catching Winter blue catfish in North Texas.

Winter Trophy Blue Catfish

Again, one of the best times of the year for targeting big blue catfish is November through Mid March. The big trophy blue catfish “stack up” making them much easier to locate and catch during this time of the year. If a big catfish on rod and reel is your goal then fishing during these months is a great trip for you. We catch big blue catfish all year long but winter is without a doubt the best time for the best opportunity.

Winter Channel Catfish

Channel catfish again typically bite well all year long and the bit remains good during the winter months. Excellent numbers of channel catfish can be caught during the winter using a variety of techniques.

Winter Flathead Catfish

Flathead catfish are not very active in the winter months in North Texas so we don’t typically target these fish. We do catch some on our catfish guide trips during this time of year but it is more of an accident and I wouldn’t suggest a trip targeting this species during this time.

Spring Catfishing In TexasLake Lewisville Blue Catfish

For red hot fast and furious action, spring is pretty tough to beat. Blue catfish are caught in excellent numbers and easy limits are caught most days. These trips are in very high demand so you need to make sure you book early.

Spring catfish guide trips are all done during the day.

Spring Blue Catfish

Blue catfish action is red hot. It is hard to put into words how fast these fish bite during the Spring in North Texas and the fishing is generally nothing short of amazing. You’ll be surprised at where and how we fish for these catfish during the Spring here in North Texas on our catfish guide trips.

Trophy Blue Catfish

In addition to the action being red hot for numbers of fish we still catch excellent numbers of trophy class catfish during this time. It is a much different style of fishing than targeting trophy blue catfish in the winter months and will definitely get your blood pumping.  Again, you will be shocked at exactly how and where we catch catfish this time of year.

Flathead Catfish

The flathead catfish bite begins to get good again as the water warms and fishing is generally good. The blue catfish action is so good during this time of year we generally do not focus on catching flathead catfish.

Summer Catfishing In Texastexas channel catfish

As the Texas heat settles in the fishing landscape begins to change quickly and we quickly change our approach on our catfish guide trips. Fishing continues to be good for catfish during the Summer months and you can expect big numbers.

During the Summer months we offer morning trips, evening trips and night trips for catfish and we avoid fishing during the heat of the day due to the brutal Texas heat.

Blue Catfish

The blue catfish bite is not as consistent during the summer months but still remains good. Anglers can expect to catch good to excellent numbers with us on our catfish guide trips when fishing for blue catfish in the summer months.

Trophy Blue Catfish

Trophy blue catfish fishing is much less consistent during this time. We continue to catch big blues through the Summer months but not anything like the Fall, Winter and Spring.

Channel Catfish

The channel catfish action on our catfish guide trips is red hot during the summer months. If catching huge numbers of channel catfish is your idea of fun then fishing in the Summer months is an excellent option for you.

Flathead Catfish

Flathead catfish can be caught in good number and the big fish will really be caught during this time. It is not fast paced fishing and there is a lot of waiting involved.

White Bass

White bass fishing is excellent during this time and this is the only time of the year we offer white bass fishing trips. If you want fast and furious fishing with no down time this is a good time to consider fishing for white bass.

Longnose Gar and Alligator Gar

Texas is home to the largest gar population in the country and summer is the time to catch them! These are amazing prehistoric fish that put up a heck of a fight and are a blast to catch, from the smaller longnose gar to big alligator gar these fish are nothing but pure power.

All gar fishing trips are all catch and release only.

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