Channel Catfish

Channel catfish are a blast to catch and definitely take me back to the beginning of my catfishing roots.

Fishing for channel catfish is much different than fishing for blue catfish where we use fresh caught shad and sonar fish finders to target active feeding fish the guided catfish trips for channel catfish are more of what people traditionally think of catfishing.

On guided channel catfish trips we use ultralight tackle and prepared baits like Sure Shot Catfish Punch Bait and Sudden Impact Fiber Bait from Team Catfish fished in combination with the Secret Channel Catfish Rig and locate active feeding channel cats on North Texas area lakes.

When fishing for channel catfish you can typically expect big numbers of fish and catches of over 100 fish in a day during peak fishing times are very common. Most of the channel cats will average between one and five pounds with an occasional larger one mixed in (between five and eight pounds).

This is more of a finesse fishing technique with a lighter bite and is an absolute blast when fishing.

All of the lakes we fish in North Texas have excellent numbers of channel catfish and are suitable for guided catfishing trips.

Channel catfish trips are available all year long.


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