Lake Worth Catfish Fishing Guide

Lake Worth Catfish Fishing Guide

Lake Worth Trips are Catch and Release Only Focused On Trophy Catfish

Lake Worth catfish guide trips are popular fishing trips with North Texas Catfish Guide Service.

The lake located in Northwest Fort Forth near NAS/JRB Fort Worth (former Carswell Air Force Base) and is a hidden gem in the North Texas area making a Lake Worth catfish guide trip and excellent option for anglers fishing with us.

This lake has long been known for holding huge numbers of channel catfish, blue catfish and flathead catfish and some monster blue catfish and flathead catfish. In recent years a consumption ban has been put in place for Lake catfish  on this lake due to high levels of PCB’s so guided
catfish trips are all catch and release only on this body of water.

The combination of  this lake holding excellent numbers of catfish to begin with in combination with the consumption ban has resulted in this lake getting very little fishing pressure which has resulted in even bigger catfish populations and even bigger catfish.

This body of water is home to some of the biggest, fattest channel catfish you will find in North Texas and they are there in HUGE numbers. You will also find excellent numbers of blue catfish and flathead catfish as well and just like the channels, THEY ARE HUGE.

The upside is Lake Worth is full of MONSTER catfish but they cannot be kept or eaten. If you are on the quest for huge numbers of big trophy blue catfish and want to release them all then our Lake Worth catfish guide trips may be a good option for you to consider when fishing with North Texas Catfish Guide Service.

Fishing for catfish on Lake Worth is good all year long and this lake produces some monsters!

Be sure to check our photos and videos pages for some pictures and video of some of the red hot catfishing action we offer!

Lake Worth catfish guide trips begin at either the Casino Beach boat ramp or the Navajo boat ramp.


Lake Worth Facts

Location: On the West Fork of the Trinity River, entirely within the Fort Worth city limits

Surface area: 3,489 acres

Maximum depth: 22 feet

Impounded: 1914

Current Lake Level

Conservation Pool Elevation: 594 ft. msl

Fluctuation: Moderate

Normal Clarity: Stained

Consumption Advisory in effect

Aquatic Vegetation: Submerged vegetation is sparse. There are shallow flats covered with cattails and other emergent species.

Fishing Regulations: The Department of State Health Services has placed consumption advisory on fish due to PCB contamination. Persons should not consume any species of fish from this lake. Use of a power boat requires a lake permit.

Angling Opportunities: White crappie and catfish are the most popular fishes. Largemouth bass and white bass are also present.

Fishing Cover/Structure: Standing timber is present in several areas of the lake. Numerous boat houses, fishing docks, and piers offer valuable structure and cover to the fishes.

Tips & Tactics: Largemouth bass can be found around rocky shoreline and around boat houses. Crappie locate near reed beds and brush piles under docks. White bass are easy prey when spawning up the river. Catfish are located throughout the reservoir. Blue catfish over 40 pounds are not uncommon.

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