How To Make The Best Catfish Jugs For Jug Fishing

Template_200_250For the past year or so I have been working on putting together an e-book about jug fishing for catfish and how to make catfish jugs. I finished it quite some time ago and have debating for months on whether to release it and procrastinating about the release of the book.I finally got around to putting it online a few days ago and wanted to pass along some information about it.

As many of you know, I have been manufacturing catfish jugs for jug fishing for many years now sold under the name of Redneck’s Juglines for and many years ago developed two different models of catfish jugs, the Redneck Original Jugline and the Fish On Flagging Jugline.

Both of these are designs I developed and are the first ever sold commercially manufactured from white closed cell polyethylene foam.

I will continue to sell Redneck’s Juglines through the website and also through Olsens Pro Am Fishing Shop (you can call them at 817-625-0831 to order) but recognize the fact that some people prefer to make their own fishing jugs rather than buy them. I have been answering multiple emails a day every day for years now from people wanting to know how to make their own jugs, which is what prompted me to write the book, How To Make The Best Catfish Jugs For Jug Fishing.

Here is what I cover in the book:

  • Step by step instructions for building the Fish On Flagging Catfish Jug and The Redneck Original Jug
  • Exact dimensions, measurements and step by step photos of the process
  • Materials list and where to get the best materials at the best prices
  • Where to buy white closed cell polyethylene foam (often referred to as white swimming pool noodles or white pool noodles which are required by Texas law)
  • The best materials to use
  • The best ballast to use and why you shouldn’t be using rebar or threaded rod like the others that have copied my design will tell you
  • The best and most efficient way to build the jugs so you can manufacture them quickly and efficiently
  • Why you shouldn’t be making catfish jugs from swimming pool noodles with holes in them
  • The best way to cut a hole in the pool noodles quickly and efficiently and it only costs a couple a few dollars to get setup
  • How to rig your catfish jugs for the most success
  • Some basic jug fishing tips

These are just some of the items covered. This is hands down the absolute best resource available anywhere to help you with building your own juglines.

To get more information or to purchase the book you can go to:

How To Make The Best Catfish Jugs For Jug Fishing –

How To Make The Best Catfish Jugs For Jug Fishing –

Here is a short video that walks you through some more details on the book:

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