Spring Blue Catfish Techniques

Shortly after I started Learn To Catch Catfish and Catfishing Radio I began releasing e-books and online training programs in addition to all the free articles and videos to help other anglers learn different tips, tricks and catfishing techniques that  I have learned throughout my career as a guide and countless years fishing for catfish.

The first of these “technique” type books was the Summer Channel Catfish Techniques program that was a step by step guide to help people with locating and catching channel catfish in the summer months.

I just released the next installment in this series of programs called Spring Blue Catfish Techniques. This is a step by step guide to locating and catching blue catfish in the months of March, April and May. This is hands down the best time of the year for catching huge numbers of blue catfish and an excellent time of the year for fishing.

The blue catfish techniques program walks you step by step through the process of everything you need to know to be successful catfishing in the spring, all bundled in a nice neat little package that is easy to understand. Any angler regardless of skill level will be able to pick this up and get started catching blue cat in the spring after reading this book and reviewing the online information.

Of course if you don’t come fish with me your missing out on an awesome time and won’t have the pleasure of my company, my striking good looks and charming personality but I recognize everyone cannot get to North Texas to fish with me on Eagle Mountain Lake, Lake Worth or one of the other lakes we fish, but the Spring Catfishing e-book is the next best thing!

You can check it out at http://www.springcatfishing.com or watch the sneak peak videos below!


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