Trophy Blue Catfish

North Texas Catfish Guide Service specializes in guided catfish fishing trips for trophy blue catfish on rod and reel. Trophy blue catfish trips are without a doubt the favorite type of catfish guide trips we offer as professional catfish guides.

Fortunately, North Texas has a number of great lakes and reservoirs that have good populations of huge trophy blue catfish in them. There is definitely no shortage of big blue catfish to catch.

Trophy Blue Catfish trips are offered on Full Day trips only. During these catfish guide trips for Trophy Blue Catfish with North Texas Catfish Guide Service we will focus specifically on catching big blue catfish that are twenty pounds and up.

On guided catfish fishing trips for Trophy Blue Catfish, catfish in the 20-30 Pound Range and 30-40 Pound Range are very common and it is very rare that we ever have a customer on a guided catfish fishing trip for trophy blue catfish that does not catch a catfish that is 25 pounds or better and many customers catch fish even bigger. Fish in the 40 pound range are very common and caught on a regular basis as well on our guided catfish fishing trips for Trophy Blue Catfish.

On guided catfish fishing trips for trophy blue catfish we will gear up with fresh cut bait and heavy duty catfish fishing rods and hit the holes, structure and cover that these big Texas catfish love to hide in. North Texas Catfish Guide Service will employ a number of proven techniques that we have developed to put you on a big Texas catfish and in the midst of a battle with the biggest freshwater fish in Texas.

These Trophy Blue Catfish can grow as big as 100 or more pounds (the current world record blue catfish was caught in Texas weighing in at 121 Lbs) and fish in the 60-80 pound range are commonly caught in Texas lakes every year. There is no argument that these big Texas catfish will give you the fight of a lifetime.

On guided catfish fishing trips for trophy blue catfish all bait, tackle and equipment is furnished and all you have to do is show up for your catfish guide trip with your Texas fishing license and whatever food or drinks you would like to have for the day, then leave the rest up to us.

All catfish guide trips for trophy catfish are strictly catch and release only on all catfish over ten pounds. We will get your big blue catfish in the boat, take photographs of you and your fish, and take measurements if you would like to get a replica made of your big catfish, and then release the catfish back into the water.

We are very conservation oriented when it comes to these big catfish and are very firm on our catch and release policy. We have nothing but the utmost respect for these big catfish and believe you will too once you have had the end of your line stretched by one of these big blue catfish. These bigger fish are the spawning fish of the lake and the superior fish that will ensure that the lakes stay stocked not only for everyone now, but also for future generations.

If you’re interested in booked a guided catfish fishing trip with North Texas Catfish Guide service for Trophy Blue Catfish, we offer these catfish guide trips on Lake Lewisville, Eagle Mountain Lake and Lake Worth. Please contact us at 817-522-3804

The best time of the year for a catfish guide trip for Trophy Blue Catfish are November, December, January, February and Early March. If you want to fish for these big catfish during other times of the year just let us know and we will do our best to put you on a big trophy blue catfish.


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