Learn To Catch Catfish

Learn To Catch Catfish – Teaching Trips

Much of the fishing we do on our catfish guide trips for blue catfish, channel catfish and flathead catfish is traditional charter fishing where our clients show up, catch fish, we clean the catch and they go home but we also offer teaching trips where we help anglers learn to catch catfish.

With an increasing interest in catfishing from anglers all across the United States we offer a trip that is commonly referred to as a “teaching trip” where we focus on educating clients on how to learn to catch catfish on their home waters.

These trips can cover as much or as little information as you would like to and can include as much or as little actual fishing time as you would like. The end goal of a teaching trip is to provide our clients with the skills and knowledge that they need to be more successful on the water.

Some common topics our clients like to learn on our teaching trips include:

  • Locating and catching shad
  • Learning to read a fish finder and locate blue catfish
  • Seasonal patterns of blue catfish
  • Seasonal patterns of channel catfish
  • Seasonal patterns of flathead catfish
  • Bait selection by catfish species
  • Boat control
  • Drift fishing basics
  • Anchored fishing basics
  • Fishing with prepared baits for channel catfish
  • Locating and catching trophy catfish

I enjoy this trips a lot and really enjoy passing along the knowledge I have learned over my career as a professional catfish guide.


Learn To Catch Catfish

In addition to offering “teaching trips” through North Texas Catfish Guide Service I also own and operate the Learn To Catch Catfish website.

Through Learn To Catch Catfish I offer catfishing tips, tricks and information to help anglers increase their success on the water and learn at their own pace from the comfort of their own home.

Learn To Catch Catfish includes articles, catfishing action videos and “how to” videos and the Catfishing Radio podcast that all cover a wide variety of topics to help anglers increase their success.

The majority of this information is free but in addition to the free content we have available we also have a variety of “premium” courses and e-books available.

These products are packages geared towards helping anglers with their catfishing skills covering a variety of topics in regards to catfishing all in one nice, neat consumable package.

A great way of describing this is that these are like a “miniature” guide trip where you get the knowledge I have on a particular area of catfishing and get that at a fraction of the cost of a guided catfishing trips.

We have released several of these books and courses and will continue to do so in the future.

Current products available include (you can check these out through the products page) :

The Secret Catfish Rig

Catching Shad

Summer Channel Catfish Techniques

Spring Blue Catfish Techniques

Drift Fishing


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